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Plymouth County Valuations
Voter Registration
Absentee Ballot Request
Levy Rate Sheet
Fireworks Display Application
Federal Post Card Application
Petition Requesting Special Election
Track Your Absentee Ballot
2020 Primary Petition
2019 Affidavit of Candidacy

Agricultural Land Sale Search(2008)
Agricultural Land Sale Search(2009)
Agricultural Land Sale Search(2010)
Agricultural Land Sale Search(2011)
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Bad Check Letter

Camp Registration and Health Form


Application for a Certified Copy of an Iowa Vital Record Mail to the Plymouth County Recorders Office 215 4TH AVE SE Le Mars, IA 51031

Application for Certified Copy of Military Record

Application for Boat, Snow or ATV Registration

Iowa Birth Certificate Exchange




For Property Tax

For Motor Vehicle

For Driver's License

Property Tax Credit Claim
Iowa Mobile/Manufactured/Modular Home Owner Application for Reduced Tax rate
Rent Reimbursement Claim

#411007  Application for Certificate of Title and/or Registration for a Vehicle

#411033  Application for Duplicate Iowa Certificate of Title to a Motor Vehicle

#411046  Application for Notation of Security Interest

#411047  Claim for Refund

#411065  Application for Iowa Special License Plates

#411067  Affidavit of Foreclosure Sale

#411083  Certification of Death Testate (with a will) in RE Transfer of a motor vehicle, property of the Estate of:

#411088  Affidavit of Death Intestate In RE Transfer of Motor Vehicle, Property of the Estate Of:

#411108  Damage Disclosure Statement

Building Permit


911 Address Request Form

Data Cost Price sheet
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