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 Domestic Abuse

Domestic Abuse Pamplet 

Domestic Abuse

          The Law:

1.      Domestic abuse is specifically defined by Iowa Law in Code of Iowa Sections    

      236.2 708.1, and 708.2A.  Domestic abuse means committing      an "assault" (which is later defined) under any of the following      circumstances:

a.  The assault is between family or household members who reside together at the time of the assault, or;

b.  Between separated spouses or persons divorced from each other, or;

c.  Between persons who are parents of the same minor child, regardless of whether they have been married or have lived together at any time, or;

d.  An assault between persons who have been family or household members residing together within the past year;

2.      A person commits an "assault" when, without justification, the person does any of the following:

a.  Any act which is intended to cause pain or injury to, or which is intended to result in physical contact which will be insulting or offensive to another, coupled with the apparent ability to execute the act, or:

b.  Any act which is intended to place another in fear of immediate physical contact which will be painful, injurious, insulting, or offensive, coupled with the apparent ability to execute the act, or;

c.  Intentionally points any firearm toward another, or displays in a threatening manner any dangerous weapon toward another. 

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