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 Term is four years; bond is $100,000.

 Powers and duties of the county treasurer:

 To act as custodian of all county funds.

To collect all taxes certified by the county auditor and 1½% per month interest on any delinquent real estate taxes.

To give receipt for all money collected by the office, or deposited with the office, and keep a record of such funds separately.

To report monthly to the auditor of state all taxes due for the general state revenue and pay same to the state treasurer each month. 

To make semi-annual statement with the board of supervisors and report all fees collected.

To pay all county warrants drawn on the treasurer by the auditor and to cancel and register same in a book provided for that purpose.

To assess omitted real property, which has not been assessed by the assessor, board of review or the auditor.

To offer for public sale, at the treasurer’s office, annually on the 3rd Monday in June, all real estate on which the taxes have not been fully paid, which sale shall include unpaid taxes, interest and costs.

To collect automobile taxes, issue number plates and receipts for same. 

To issue redemption certificates of real estate sold for taxes.


















      Contact Information

Tax: 712-546-7056
Motor Vehicle: 712-546-7078
Tax and Motor Vehicle Fax: 712-546-4518
Driver's License: 712-546-1663
Driver's License Fax: 712-546-1257

    Office Staff:  
    • Motor Vehicle Deputy -  Priscilla Strathman
    • Tax Deputy - Bev Hultquist
    • Driver's License Deputy - Keri Borchers
    • Clerk - Terri Holzman
    • Clerk - Bobbi Kellen
    • Clerk - David Nielsen
    • CDL Examiner - Steve Beeck
    • DL Issuer - Chelsey VanRoekel
    • DL Issuer - Connie Peterson
County Treasurer

 County Treasurer

 Shelly Sitzmann

Office Hours

Tax Department:   8:00 - 5:00  on Monday - Friday

Auto Department:  8:00 - 5:00  on Monday - Friday

Driver's License:   Only on Wednesdays & Thursdays at 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.  Phone 712-546-1663.

Chauffeur Drives by appointment only.  Phone 712-546-1663. 

Available DOT FORMS:

#411007- Application for Certificate of Title and/or Registration for a Vehicle

#411033-Application for Duplicate Iowa Certificate of Title to a Motor Vehicle

#411046-Application for Notation of Security Interest

#411047-Claim for Refund

#411067-Affidavit of Foreclosure Sale

#411083-Certification of Death Testate (with a will)

#411088-Affidavit of Death Intestate

#411108-Damage Disclosure Statement

To find the above forms CLICK HERE or on a form above to go to DOT forms website. On the left of the sites home page click on the "Blank Forms". The available forms will display. To display above forms open the "Vehicle Service" folder.  You can also search or browse to find other forms from this location.

Application for Iowa Special License Plates

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