Plymouth County Iowa

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County Auditor

Plymouth County Auditor
Stacey M. Feldman

Telephone  712-546-6100
Fax   712-546-5784


Cheri Nitzschke

Cheri Nitzschke


Jan Beck

Jan Hoffman



Connie Pick


Term is four years; bond is $100,000. 

The county auditor is clerk of the board of supervisors and the following are some of the duties: 
Custodian of all county buildings.
Keeps a record of estray stock.
Keeps a record of real estate transferred.

Custodian of bonds of all county officials, except the  auditor and board of supervisors.
Keeps a record of highway established and vacated.

Approve official bonds when the supervisors are not  in session.

Keep minutes of the proceedings of the board of  supervisors.

Keep records and accounts of patients at state hospitals.

Keeps a drainage record of all drainage districts of the county.
Clerk of the official canvass of elections made by the board of supervisors.
Issues all payroll warrants.

Sends out all school and county budgets. 
Submits county budget to the board of supervisors for approval.
Issue warrants on the county treasurer for claims allowed by the board of supervisors.

Keeps a ledger account of revenues derived from all sources and disbursements made from various funds.
Supervises printing and delivering to election board of all official election ballots and custodian of ballots and poll books returned from voting precincts.
Compute taxes on all taxable property in the county from levies made by the board of supervisors, certified by town and township officials, school districts, state executive council, county conference board and agricultural extension council.
File and certify all homestead credit applications and military exemption applications.
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